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Restoring Hope Village 
Code of Conduct

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Restoring Hope Village Code of Conduct

Restoring Hope Village (The Village) will be managed by the South African Trust Committee of Restoring Hope International and its appointed representatives.

1. Summary: The goals of Restoring Hope International, Restoring Hope Trust, and The Village require that all who work for or volunteer at The Village observe the highest standards of professional ethics.

2. Your Responsibility: Ethical conduct is not a passive process, but requires you to make conscious choices and decisions, and to exercise good judgment, consistent with the ethical values of the organization, the principles of Scripture, and the character of God.

3. Questionable Situations: This code can help you decide what to do in many, but not all, situations. When you are in doubt about the ethical implications of an action, seek advice before you act.

4. Failure: Failure to observe this code, the principles of Scripture, or the character of God may be grounds for disciplinary action, which may include termination of employment in the case of serious violations.

5. Integrity: You are expected to act with integrity in all your activities, avoiding any behavior that would reflect adversely on you or on the organization.

6. Honesty: You are expected to provide accurate and complete information needed by the organization.

7. Government Relationship: All staff members and volunteers are expected to live in accordance to applicable local law.

8. Domestic Violence: The organization does not allow domestic violence or abuse of other individuals, especially women and children.

9. Impartiality: You are expected to act with impartiality, showing no bias or favoritism.

10. Reputation: You should refrain from participating in any activity that is in conflict with the interests of the organization or would damage your or the organization’s reputation.

11. Submission: By accepting employment or volunteer status, you have promised to discharge your functions under the authority of the Operations Manager. You agree to abide by the rules set forth by the organization.

12. Respect: You shall treat all, whether supervisors, peers, or subordinates, or children with courtesy and respect at all times.

13. Diversity: In view of the international character of the organization you are expected to show the same respect, sensitivity, and impartiality toward individuals of different cultures, genders, races and backgrounds.

14. Accountability: You remain accountable for tasks assigned to you, even those you delegate to others. You are expected to exercise adequate control and supervision over matters for which you are responsible.

15. Use of organization resources: You have a responsibility to ensure that the organization’s resources are used for the official business of the organization and you are expected to devote your time during working hours to the official activities of the organization.

16. Conflict Resolution: Any personal conflict must be resolved in a professional manner. Issues are to be addressed quickly and privately.

17. Public Relations: You may not make official announcements or communication on behalf of the organization without proper authorization.

18. Personal Finance: You are generally free to conduct your personal financial affairs as you see fit. Employees are encouraged to maintain personal savings. Employees are discouraged from borrowing from one another. In cases of severe financial mismanagement, disciplinary action may be taken.

19. Alcohol, Tobacco, Narcotics: All alcohol, tobacco, and narcotics are prohibited for employees and volunteers when on organization property, or in the presence of children. Extreme discretion is advised regarding the use of alcohol.

20. Theft: Theft of any sort will not be tolerated and will lead to immediate termination.

21. Damage: Report any damaged property or goods to the Operations Manager. If damage is found to be intentional, or the result of negligence, you may be required to repair the damage at your own cost.

22. Property: The Village property belongs to Restoring Hope Trust. No alterations may be made without express approval from the Operations Manager. No Village property may be removed without Operations Manager consent.

23. Weapons: Possession of weapons is forbidden on The Village property. This includes but is not limited to firearms and certain types of knives.

24. Visitors & Guests: Visitors and guests must be approved by a member of The Village administration. The Village reserves the right to refuse entry to any person at any time. Visitors may be required to show any baggage to a member of The Village administration. Overnight guests must have specific overnight approval.

25. Language: All staff, volunteers, and visitors are required to communicate in a respectful manner. All language must be pleasing to God and in accordance with Biblical principles of communication.

26. Morality: The Village requires moral behavior at all times. Pornography, sexual misconduct, and questionable situations will not be tolerated. Inappropriate sexual behavior includes any sexual activity outside a legal marriage union. Homosexual activity is prohibited. Those not committed to The Village’s and Biblical standards of morality will face disciplinary action.

I have read and in agreement with the policy of Restoring Hope Village.

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