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Volunteer at Restoring Hope Village

Are you interested in volunteering at Restoring Hope Village in South Africa?  


The first step towards volunteering is to fill out the application below.  
Anyone under the age of 18 needs to have their parents fill out the application.  


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Volunteer Application
All items with * are required fields

Volunteer agreement and assumption of risk and waiver:

I understand and accept the risks of my visit to South Sfrica and the Restoring Hope Village. I accept responsibility for myself and my possessions.

Release and Hold Harmless: I agree to release and hold Restoring Hope International, Restoring Hope Trust, Restoring Hope Village, all staff and officers harmless for any illness, injury, death, personal and/or property damage, property theft, or other loss incurred.

Code of conduct: I have read and understand RHI's code of conduct (click here to open Code of Conduct in new window). I agree to abide by it. in addition, i agree to follow instructions given by rhi field staff. i understand that violation of this, or any behavior deemed unsuitable by the operations manager could lead to termination of my visit at the village. policies & procedures: i agree with the policies and procedures of rhi, rht, and the village. i am in agreement with the goals of this ministry and my words and conduct will support the spirit of the work. certification: I have read this entire agreement. I understand it and agree to abide by it. *

Thank you, your application has been submitted

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